Company Story

City Light Shine is produced by 17A Stillery. We are the first and only legal distillery in the history of Las Vegas. Our facility is located in the Southwest area of Las Vegas approximately 3.5 miles west of the SouthPoint Casino. The name of the company is derived from one of our founders NASCAR roots. Mike Dolan was a former NASCAR official for over 20 years and his radio designation was “17A”, our name is in honor of his former career and our southern beginnings, which everyone knows, all the best shines come from the South. The rest of the company is all Vegas! Brendan Gaughan’s family goes all the way back to the 1940’s and the Gaughan family name has become synonymous with Las Vegas and is the name that all locals know and trust. Bill Holbrook graduated from Western High School in 1979 and has

been a part of the Vegas boom ever since. Bill worked for some of the oldest and most respected names in the Las Vegas market for decades and his managerial expertise is our key to success.


Mash Build

We are not a typical “moonshine”.  At the heart of
our product is a proprietary blended grain mash that produces a true Whiskey moonshine that we ferment in our facility in Las Vegas. We don't stop there,
after distillation we Sour Mash our mash to create the amazing flavor that our shine produces.
We don't buy other distilleries “Wash Water” and
re-strip it to produce a Neutral Grain Spirit, we craft our spirit from start to finish and are proud of what we have produced.


Again, just like our mash build, we make every effort to be a truly special product that is like no other whiskey or moonshine you've ever experienced. We do not infuse our shine to add our fruit flavors like most others. We have found a way to NATURALLY flavor our products without leaving fruit in the bottle, which tends to spoil after. Currently our flavors are Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry and Original with new flavors to follow shortly.